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Use what you have;what you have is plenty.

Hello there,

Welcome back. ❤️

I trust you have been well since I last wrote you.

Something profound happened some weeks back that enhanced my perspective on people and relationships, and I’ll be sharing in this post.

Like you know, I am Christian. (Well, if you didn’t, now you know.) 😂

The greatest asset a Christian has, I believe is the Holy Spirit. Beyond having the Holy Spirit, hearing His voice and obeying is our greatest advantage.

God speaks in various ways, however, for some strange reason I hear God better when I’m doing dishes. 😂

Our conversations are always more like a dialog.

Lemme quip in that there’s this romantic thing God does to me; giving me answers to questions in my heart before I ask Him. The week this conversation happened I was mulling over the experience of meeting people at a certain time in my life and wishing I had met them before that moment, in the hopes that I could have been better.

So, this particular day I was doing the dishes and a thought came to my mind– a quote:

Use what you have; what you have is enough.


(I have read this quote in some of Sir John Obidi and Sir Duke Peter’s posts).
So, in my mind I responded, “Okay. And what about it?” to which He responded, “Have you ever considered that when I say “what you have.” I mean people too? Or that I just might mean people exclusively.”

When we get to this point in our conversation, unconsciously my lips spread in a smile. If I doubted God was the one speaking I know now without a shadow of doubt that He’s the one, because I know myself and (forget my plenty sense) some things eh?, I know my mind could not have thought it up– I know He’s talking. Now you see why I smile. 😂

Back to the conversation; “You see, people are your only true wealth.” He said.

“‘People’ give money value, ‘people’ give products value, ‘people’ give people value. I give you treasures in earthen vessels for people.

He paused for effect then continued “At every point in your life, I have strategically positioned all the right people within your reach. When I say “use what you have” I mean ‘leverage on the gift of these people’.”

“So, now make a list of all the things you need right now in your life, besides each item write the name that comes to mind when you think of that need.”

“Prioritize giving to these people the treasure in your earthen vessel, in return they’ll give you what you need.”

By this time, I was done with the dishes, so I wiped my hands with one of the kitchen towels and walked into my room thinking on the words.

Being human means having needs.

If it is true that human wants are insatiable, wouldn’t it be most delightful to know that at every season in your life you have all you need in the people around you?

You may need to say it till you believe it; it may take years or days to finally do, but whenever you do decide to believe, you’ll realize that you have always had all you need at every moment in time.

See it!

Believe it!

Become it! You have enough.

Use what you have; what you have is enough.



Ps: I’d love to read your thoughts on this in the comment section. Have you ever had a similar experience?

Do these words sound like just what you needed to read today?

What are you going to do with this knowledge?


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4 thoughts on “Use what you have;what you have is plenty.

  1. When doing dishes? This is serious 😂.
    Mine usually occurs while I’m having my bath
    What I have is enough! 😩💪🏿

    I’m definitely valuing people more after this.
    Thanks a lot GeeJay 🤗.


  2. I’ve had similar experiences, you know when you wished you knew someone at a particular point in life. Well, I’ll use what I have; what I have is enough. Thank you for this beautiful piece ❤️.


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