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Do you know I had a mobile savings app installed in my phone for about half a year and didn’t so much as open the app? I know fam, we plenty. 😂

The little-big-thing we’re considering is #savings.

Very few things compete with the feeling a credit alert gives. Amen? 😁
The surest way to have a credit alert is to create it.

Personally, I have two accounts, one is multi-purpose, the other is purely for my savings.
Once I receive an alert, I forward 10% to my church’s account, 20% to my savings and then use the 70% left off. It doesn’t hurt to have extra cash somewhere.

Who’s your savings plug?
There are amazing apps that can help you develop a healthy savings culture, Piggyvest is one, Cowrywise is another.

Your finances can be healthy. Get started saving today. I’m rooting for you. 🥂

With love,
Your healthtechie. 💜

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It was my first year in school. My friend and I used the shuttle to the school’s maingate that afternoon after the close of lectures.

While in the bus I used the favorite “I have something to tell you” line. She’d said something about my sister (elder) and I knew it was time to clear the air. Then I told her “I don’t have an elder sister by blood.”

She paused as though letting it sink in, then she slapped me.
It was painful, yay, but the relief of getting the truth out was worth it.

Get ‘that’ weight off your chest and live free.
Set a reminder to have that conversation today. Drop a comment when you do.

With love,

Your healthtechie. 💜

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Let’s talk about #toothbrushes.

Frayed bristles are a sign that your toothbrush is due for change. This does not however mean that if they’re not frayed they cannot be changed.

Three months is gold standard for change.
If you can’t recall when you bought toothbrush it’s in best interests that you change it.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy brush, find a not-too-hard—not-too-soft—somewhere-in-the-middle bristled brush and you’re good. ☺

One last thing before I leave you, after a bout of sickness, it’s adviced that you change your brush to avoid reinfection.

So, for what it’s worth I’d love you to set an alarm to get a toothbrush before the weekend. Drop a comment when you do.

Cheers to your continued health. 🥂

With love,
Your Healthtechie. 💜

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