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It was my first year in school. My friend and I used the shuttle to the school’s maingate that afternoon after the close of lectures.

While in the bus I used the favorite “I have something to tell you” line. She’d said something about my sister (elder) and I knew it was time to clear the air. Then I told her “I don’t have an elder sister by blood.”

She paused as though letting it sink in, then she slapped me.
It was painful, yay, but the relief of getting the truth out was worth it.

Get ‘that’ weight off your chest and live free.
Set a reminder to have that conversation today. Drop a comment when you do.

With love,

Your healthtechie. 💜

#thelittlebigthingsthatmakeushealthy. #Health #honestconvos. #TLBT #healthyminds.


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