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Our curtains were flapping loudly as the wind blew into the room. I got up from my reading table headed for my wardrobe and my roommate giggled. “Eh he, socks girl, I knew you were going to get up. Small 5 naira wind you’ve gone to wear socks!” We shared a laugh as I wore the socks I had fished from my wardrobe and returned to the table.

I don’t like to take chances on what I can prevent.

Can I tell you how many times I have worn two pairs of socks to bed because it rained in the afternoon? 😂
Or how many times I woke from sleep just to wear socks?

I can’t count.

Being sick is the unmentionable last item on my list of most unfavorable situations. I do not like drugs and I do not like sickness, however, because my body easily catches cold through my feet I always have two pairs of socks handy.

Preventing a cold is way easier than treating it.
Make healthy decisions.

Keep a pair of socks or a beanie by your pillow. Take it off when you begin to feel heat, but by all means, prioritize your health this week.

I’m rooting for you. 🥂

With love,
Creative healthtechnologist. 💜

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