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Sometimes when I think about my relationship with Abba, I legit laugh at how interested He is in minute details.
One of those days, I got back from school really late, about 7pm, after a day of being pressed in ward rounds🤦🤦.

Normally I’d sleep by 8pm to wake by 2am, so I ditched dinner and showered to go to bed.
Whilst stripping, I heard “change bedspread and pillowcase before you sleep” to which I responded off-handedly “No oh! Tomorrow. I’m exhausted abeg.”

Baba did not stress.

I say he did not even ask a second time. Now, knowing how He reminds me of stuff more than once in some cases, I should have been concerned, but tiredness won.

I showered and prepared for bed. Thirty minutes later I was still turning on the bed with my earpiece plugged in. Sleep was so far away from my exhausted body.
I had to check in with Him and He went all “shebi I told you to change bedspread and pillowcase?” I picked my tired body from the bed, changed beddings and laid back. Almost immediately peace was restored, and in under 10 minutes I was dozing.
Your beddings are an important part of your good night’s sleep.
Change them regularly.
Don’t be like me. 🙈 (I’ve sha repented.) 😂

I’m rooting for your health. 🥂

With love,

Your healthtechie. 💜

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