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The little big thing 14.0

On #thelittlebigthingsthatmakeushealthy.

They sat facing each other in the danfo yesterday.

Third row, second and third seats.

These two ears.

The left ear of the slim brunette on the polka dot dress, and the right ear of the plump blonde on the burgundy dress.

“How did today go for you na? What did you hear?” Left ear asked, its pearl drop gem stone gleaming as the danfo passed a traffic light.

“Omo, the kain shame wey catch me eh? I couldn’t even hear the word of God well. Can you believe that no sponge has touched me in almost 12 years? Who I offend na?” Right ear asked rhetorically.

Shaking with laughter, Left ear responded: “My guy, if we start asking every ear inside here, I’m sure some cases are worse than yours. Personally, I stopped counting the years a while back. I’m glad I get washed once in a while. It’s better than nothing… Leaving that other talk, what did you hear last week?” and just like that they moved on to everythings and nothings in the world of ears.

When last did you sponge your ears?

As always, yunno I’m rooting for your health.

Your healthtechie. 💜