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So much for a hug.

In this issue of #thelittlebigthingsthatmakeushealthy.

A long time ago, when 10 naira meant more than a sachet of water, there lived in Lagos a boy called Kunle and his mother who was a widow.

She owned a beauty store where Kunle spent the most of his time. Every day, at the close of work, he would ask his mother for a ten naira note, and when she asked what for, he would reply that he was saving it to buy a gift on Christmas day.

Determined and persistent, Kunle asked everyday until Christmas eve, and try as hard as his mother did she couldn’t get him to tell her what he wanted to buy. He only said she’d know on that day, so she resigned to wait.

At long last, it was Christmas day. All of Kunle’s extended family resident in Lagos gathered together to exchange gifts. Then it came to Kunle’s turn to give his mother a gift. To their surprise, he brought five neatly arranged bundles of 10NGN note to her.

Smiling at her 5 year old son, mama Kunle patted his head, collected the money and was headed towards the kitchen, when she was halted by Kunle’s voice. “Mama, my hug?” “What hug?” she asked. “You gave Iya Ahmed a hug when she gave you five bundles of 10NGN note some months ago.” he said, brown irises threatening a tear-storm.

It was all it took for Mama Kunle to tear up. Gathering her boy in her arms and embracing him tight, she whispered in his ear, “hugs are free, my love. Hugs are free.”


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