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If this is not me right now. (Face-palming.)

So, this past week ehn, God has been dealing with my mouth. And it’s not even funny.

I’ll just open my mouth “waaaaaa” and nonsense will pour.

Okay, not nonsense in literal interpretation, but really, sfekmtdtjefkfn, because after saying these things, I am convicted to apologize for saying the wrong thing, and does it hurt my pride? Like a female dog—it sure does.

But, on a bolder note, it’s making me better.

So, y’all be careful what you pray for. The answers just might shock you. 😂

Don’t go praying “God make qsyrjkrtlpfsgh” and expect to move on as though nothing’s happened.

All in all the beautiful thing is in being a work in progress and a masterpiece.

That being said have I told you “I love you” today?

Oya, take one. 💜 I love you, tok your own.