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As yawa don gas, Calabar how market? II

So, before the gist, drum rolls please, don’t ask why (lol).

Okay, amma tell yo, I finally visited the bird app yesterday after ten days of being away. I needed my sanity, fam. I’m glad I have it within grasp now. I hope you do too. ♥️

Meanwhile, is it just me, or does today not feel like a Saturday to you too? It’s a blissful Monday evening here in Calabar. How is your health?

In my last blog entry I mentioned how the city was looted, well, I came with goodnews. (I’m going to pretend that I didn’t watch a video of my state’s governor selling his pathetic sob story to youths today, because, if we talk about it ehn? Oh, well…)

The government had announced that the army would go from house to house recovering items that were stolen and asked that its citizenry return stolen properties to the nearby junctions.

When I heard this, I scoffed. I really didn’t think any one would return a pin; it was a pleasant surprise when we woke this morning to piles of stuff at major/minor junctions.

It got me thinking, so pipu dey fear military?

Whether they returned it out of fear or contempt, I’m glad things were recovered. I hope they will be disembursed appropriately.

Which brings me to what I wanted to talk about yesterday.

What if by discernment, I was able to find all the stolen items and help the military return them to the rightful owners? Or by creative miracles, I could restore the buildings and restock them?

Yunno on Tuesday when Lekki toll gate massacre was ongoing, I prayed for the affected persons, but, as I prayed I was pondering on something: what if every believer was able to master the supernatural so much that we could bilocate to the toll gate, carry people to safety, heal the wounded and raise the dead, thus reducing casualties to zero?

If this is some alien stuff to you, you’ve probably not studied church history, and that is absolutely fine. Yunno, this is the stuff the early church was made of and known for—supernatural activities.

I thought of the lives that would have been saved, the families that would not have to weep, the joy that such intervention would have brought and the hope too…

Yunno a lot of people prayed to God to save them that day and still died, not because God didn’t save them, but because we (you and I, believerd in Jesus) did not save them.

Whilst I am glad the dust is settling and this crisis is over, I wonder, am I , as a believer, prepared to help in event of another crisis? Are you?

May God keep us from temptation and deliver us from evil.



Saña suñ! (Safe journey.)


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