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Can you believe that it’s November already!

Fam, we’ve survived a lot this year. So much to be grateful for. We made it through Corona, through #blacklivesmatter, even through #lekkimasssacre and the ongoing #palliativevandalism.

Good things have happened this year. Personally, good music has happened to me. There’s Steffany Gretzinger’s Forever Amen album, with my favorite being Forever Amen, more to me and This close.

There’s Maverick city’s second and third album, God bless them, with world favorites like Promises ft Naomi Raine (by the way, I feel Raine is a huge blessing to us through Maverick, her songs are so anointed with a beautiful form of realness, undiluted), and Story I’ll tell by Naomi Raine.

A personal favorite is Lean back by Amanda Cook and Love is a miracle by Majesty Rose, and most recently, Be praised by Aaron Moses ft. Naomi Raine.

Then, there came Graves into gardens by Elevation worship, a powerful album hosting the chart-topping “The Blessing”. My favorites? Rattle, Never lost, See a victory.

And now, there’s Olorun Agbaye by Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, Chandler Moore and Oba. This song? It’s da bomb! Every verse, every word, is such a huge blessing. Hearing Chandler do Yoruba made me scream. Likeeee? Hewe God!

And there’s Pastor Nath. God bless him. He’s stayed consistent over time and connected to life and light. He keeps blessing us always with relevant songs. This is definitely one we’ll sing for a lot longer.

So, that’s it for songs on my end in this period. How’s it been for you? What songs have kept you sane? Any songs you think should be on the list that I haven’t mentioned?


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