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Word therapy

On #thelittlebigthingsthatmakeushealthy.

He sat criss-crossed on the bed. Eyes open, he stared at the wall just beyond her. The steady knock of her heels on the facility’s floor sounded almost musical.

It was easy to assume that her beautiful face was the object of his attention, but his unwavering gaze as she shifted away from his visual field confirmed my fears.

I was barely twelve years old, but I’d heard enough about this condition to know what it was. He was losing his sight. Not blind, because he could make out light from darkness, but not seeing too, because all that was not darkness had one tag to him–light.

“Hello Kelechi. It’s a pleasure seeing you once again. You look lovely as always.” she said, drawing close to his bedside. I watched from my relative’s bedside, grateful that he was dozing, so I could focus on the unfolding scene. “Very well, thank you, Felicé.” he responded. “Your hair is lovely.” (I was certain he couldn’t see any freaking thing because his eyes were still fixated on the wall, but, oh well.)
“Oh. Thank you,” she said, a pleasant smile gracing her red lips which she pursed her for a moment, mulling over something. “Ready for your session?” she asked. “of course!” he grinned “I was born ready.”

“Alright, then. Say with me ‘I love my eyes. With the aid of my eyes I see the beautiful world around me.'” “Still sounds like a lie, but I believe it a lil more than I did in our last session, so here goes: I love my eyes…”

In the hour that followed, they went through a series of words repeated over and again while soft instrumentals played via mp3 serenaded the room.

Over a period of twelve weeks, these sessions continued and by the thirteenth, Kelechi could tell red from pink. It was miraculous.

I would come to know in time that Felicé was Kelechi’s therapist and the words she made him repeat over again were called affirmations.

But, the profound effect those simple English words strung together had on his healing process would never leave me for eternity.

Your healthtechie. 💜


Ps: I’m learning to let my stories tell the story. Did you learn something? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section, please.


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  1. Thank you for sharing. The effect positive affirmations have cannot be over emphasized. It builds self esteem and it works for me.

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