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No loose guard!

They stopped by last week.

I was almost celebrating my three-months of acneless existence when they visited.

Knowing they visit as part of the PMS package I had carefully and consistently been following my “detox” routine with water for the best part of the three months, until…


I discovered honey, bread and toasted ground nuts.

And that, my guy, is how I “loose guard”.

Did I know the ground nuts may trigger acne breakout? Of course! But, somehow, yunno, I hoped that… (insert some witless, honey-clouded hopes).

I also became inconsistent with my routine water detox sometime in the past month, and gbam, by the last week of last month they hit me, four at a go.

They’re clearing up, and I have learned an important lesson, two actually:

  1. No loose guard.
  2. Water is so underrated.

Till you read from me again, emem ye ifure. (Peace and serenity).


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There are other (obvious and subtle) lessons in this, and it’s yours for the taking. I’d love it if you shared it as a comment, though.