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No soda November

Heyyy, did you miss me as I did you?

I have a thousand stories in my head to tell you, but, you know how we do it na. One story at a time. But, mehn, I’ve missed writing to you.

I’m still owing you one major gist (that is still unfolding sef). I’ll deliver, after this.

So, today at work, I was so thirsty—the temperature in Calabar is climbing by the day as the rains, thankfully, are letting up; however, you know “Calabar rain” has a mind of its own, so… We are sha hopeful that harmattan is close, and with it is this “desert thirst”, the same one I experienced yesterday.

Earlier in the month, I’d off-handedly mentioned to my elder brother that this month is my #nosodanovember.

Trust me,it was not a serious sonthing. So, when, in the middle of the week, I declined a soda drink, the “me” in me was shoooked. Lol.

And then it happened over and again till in a blink we’re six days away from month end.

Yesterday, I left home in a hurry and didn’t take my flask of water with me, so after setting up my work space, I was dizzy, sweaty and confused, as these are major indicators for dehydration I knew I needed water.

I work from a storey building, so I stepped out to the balcony to search for any hawkers. The first thought on my mind, however, was chilled Pepsi, or any soda replacement. And guess what? I found one.

It was then that I remembered that this is still #nosodanovember. Guy, it took a lot to turn my eyes back to the dress I was to work on and ignite my thirst/cravings. I knew I needed water, but another part of me was calling for soda, the thrill would have been doubled, being that I had set bounds for soda, but…

Help came when my mum brought water. I called her to help me get as the hawkers mostly sell unhygienic water. She’d told me earlier that she intends to do her shopping, and that, my guy, is how I was saved.

Thinking on it late last night, two things stand out for me:

  • The words we speak, even unconsciously, are powerful.
  • We are as strong as our support system, whatever it is, so we must choose wisely.

So, my #nosodanovember is still on. If December is not such a sweet month, I’d have continued till January, I just might oh!

Till I write you again, emem ye ifure (peace and serenity).

Xoxo, Your GJ.