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The gist I owed you

So, today I had to flog myself (mentally) into writing to you about something I intended to share a few weeks ago.

It’s 11:52pm, Thursday night, I’m writing from my bathroom. I came in to wash my face. No vex. I’ll probably finish by Friday morning, but this gist must get out here. E don too tay, abeg.

Before I tell you what’s up, I hope you are fine.

So, we have a neighbor at my work place who has four kids, three males and a female. For some reason I do not know, they prefer to be at our place than their mother’s, and they’re mostly delightful company, so we don’t mind having them.

On this day, the kids come around as they always do, the oldest of them, Ebuka, buys a pack of wafer sticks containing six sticks. His immediate junior and their sister share a sachet of ground nut.

As the oldest sibling, he asks them for groudnut and they gladly oblige. He helps them finish their ground nut, then turns away to munch on his wafer sticks all alone.

I am cutting a dress on the table and very unhappy with his attitude, so I call him out. He says something rude, and frowns. I tell him to give his younger siblings one of his wafer sticks; even if he won’t give them one stick each, at least one to share amongst themselves.

He then breaks one wafer into six pieces and waves one piece in the air above his siblings’ reach, saying “take, take. You see, they don’t want oh.”

And this gets me very upset, so I walk away, because I’m about to call him some unlikely names.

About an hour later, I’m sewing beside my tutor when Ebuka slaps his younger sibling who is playing with him, it’s so hard that everyone in the shop looks up. My tutor is angered by Ebuka’s continous ill-treatment of his siblings and cautions him.

Turning to me, we begin to discuss about our homes; how the firstborns naturally take responsibility for everyone else, and how children should be taught to take responsibility from very tender ages.

We’re totally oblivious to Ebuka’s sudden stillness. He is listening to us. After the conversation between my tutor and I, Ebuka vows to change.

Well, it’s been a few weeks since then and I tell you, he has changed. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. He still makes mistakes, but he’s corrected when necessary.

And now to the crux of my gist.

You know, we all know people who are doing the wrong things and yet we allow them continue, because we feel it’s the responsibility of their parents to tell them right from wrong.

Sometimes, we even feel they’re old enough to know… But, don’t you realise that if people know better, they will do better?

Like Ebuka, there are people all around you in need of light—the light you have to give. Give them light and watch them morph into a beauty. Trust me their transformation is worth the light.

We didn’t think he would understand, because he’s seven, but he did. This applies to unbelievers around you too. They want to change, but how will they hear if there is no preacher?

Will you be that preacher?

Emem ye ifure. (Peace and serenity.)

From, your GJ.


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