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On the Don Davis case; a rant.

You’ve probably never read an angry post from me ever, well, (what a way to end the year!) this is one.

I’m pained, saddened, irked and incensed, to say the least, about what I read yesterday on the Don Davis case.

Two days ago, I saw on my cousin’s status a press release from the secretariat of the Deeper Life High School and I passed it over, not bothering to read the contents. So, yesterday, when a friend posted a screenshot of a blog article on the case it was an unpleasant surprise. I quickly googled the story, read up all the articles I could find and watched the videos too.

With each new piece of information I garnered, my ire was rising. I was torn, broken, shattered, and angry over the entire situation.

Yesterday, 30th of December, was supposed to be my day of gratitude; I intended to post about people that helped me scale the year, but, no way! After that read, it would be inhumane to allow this pass unnoticed given the numerous attempts to keep this filth under wraps.

For those of us still unaware, Don Davis is an 11-year old male, and a JSS1 student of Deeper Life High School, at Akwaibom. Because of bed wetting, he was sent to the senior boys’ hostel, where allegedly, hands and feet (for crying out loud, feet!) were inserted into his anus, by students and teachers. This is besides being bullied and starved—he was even threatened with death if he speaks up!

These findings were reported by his mother who was concerned over her son’s rapid emaciation, in less than two months after returning to school, and his general ill-health with a notable and continuous production of green vomitus.

Now, why am I so incensed?

First, it pains me to my marrow that people, humans, can still lay claim to their humanity when their first concern in a case like this is the “scandal” their denomination is facing and not that such an evil thing that should never happen to any human, talk less an eleven year old, has happened.

For goodness’ sake, what is happening to us? Are people so selfish and depraved that even in a case as sensitive as this they think of senseless, selfish interests first?

There is no justifiable reason, under the sun, why people should threaten Don’s mother for seeking justice for her son. None!

That eleven year old has had to endure multiple penetrations, by students/teachers, and as of yesterday, he tested positive to HIV/AIDS. The extensive anal tear due to the multiple penetrations will probably condemn the child to a diapered existence, and this is beside the psychological effect of rape and sexual abuse on this innocent child.

And some people are concerned about is the name of a denomination! The nerve!

Don’t get things twisted, whoever blames the denomination is in the wrong, because, this, my dears, is the 2020s, and I believe we should be mature enough to know that people make their own decisions, the organization’s tenets regardless. But, supporting evil because someone from your organization did it? That’s retarded.

And to the believers who are in relationships/preparing for marriage, this is a wake-up call. Let the criteria for selection of a spouse be more than your personal interests. Think in terms of posterity. Think like Abraham. Let God be able to trust our homes to raise seed that will be instructed in the ways of the Lord.

Godly marriages are the only portals for bringing in godly seeds. If you will not commit to training your children, please don’t birth them. I’m broken as I type this, at the evil perpetrated on an eleven-year old, by boys from supposedly Christian homes.

Worse will happen if people don’t become intentional about raising godly seeds.

And to you, sleeping and snoring believer, can you not see that there is a thought-out plan that is underway to bring scandals to fathers! How many have been affected these past two years? Are you waiting for it to get to your neck before you wake?

We need to pray for our leaders. Remember, the old principle, strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter? It’s happening already.

Thankfully, we have an advantage, we always fight from the place of victory. It’s time to engage once again, dear believer.

We must pray for Don Davis too and the other children involved. We do not want a next generation with damaged emotions, we do not want a generation of insecure people, we do not want a next generation that suffers constant trauma. No.

We must pray for his healing and wholeness, for his mind, his body, his spirit. We must win because we always win, but how can we win if we never wage the war.

Believer in Christ, brother-in-arms, rise up, we’ve slept for too long! Too long!

Take off the blindfolds of denominationalism and rise in the unity of faith. This is not a ploy against one denomination. No! It’s a ploy against the church, the body which we all are part of.

Pray for Don Davis, pray for his mother, keep speaking till justice is served to the perpetrators.

We’ve slept for too long. Wake up! It’s 2021.

May it be a blessed year for us all.


GJ. ♥️

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Unbox it!

Thelittlebigthings; Christmas edition.

Last year, 2019, I spent Christmas day in the hospital with two children, a boy and a girl. I had finished my posting in Paediatric surgery and moved to General surgery III (GS3) about a week before I learned that a distant relative had suffered burns.

The day I visited, frankly, I went to clerk. Paediatric surgery holds record as my least pleasant unit so far, and I didn’t have my four cases yet, so I clerked, and then we got talking and became friends. I noticed though that the boy on the neighboring bed would groan in pain intermittently, so I went to see him before leaving.

As I spoke with him, I learned he’d been in there for about a year, and he wasn’t healing, he had an accident and his leg was in a cast. Barely ten years old, raised by a single parent, his pain was more than physical. I prayed with him and left.

In about a week, he had been moved to a space opposite my relative. He was healing.

I stopped by everyday after rounds to see them both; it was refreshing for me, the joy that they exuded from being alive and the rate of their recovery, a sharp contrast to the depression that lingered on the corridors of the male and female surgical wards.

Some days to Christmas the boy had hinted off-handedly that he was sad that he’ll spend Christmas alone, so after attending service in church, I hurried to see him, and my relative (with gifts). He was so happy, he almost leaped out of the bed.

After the “How-are-you”s and all, he asked me “Aunty, did you wish Jesus a happy birthday today, because birthdays are very important?” It took a few seconds before I said “Yes”. In those seconds, I quickly wished Jesus “Happy birthday” because in truth, I had forgotten to do so.

I was so focused on getting gifts for the children, spending time with them, and all that, and I totally forgot the essence of Christmas—Jesus Christ.

So, this year, because I knew I had work to do, work that started on 24th December, 😂 the first thing I did when I woke on 25th was to whisper “Happy birthday, senior man!” I was even blushing on His behalf sef. 😂

And then I went on to help my mother cook, I attended church, volunteered at a medical outreach, and shared love via phone calls.

Funny how we can get so distracted by wrapping sheets that we forget to open the gift.

So, this boxing day, I thought to remind you to unbox the greatest gift we could ever receive.

For God so loved the world, that He gave… Unbox with love! ❤️

Merry Christmas to you!

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Christmas: to love and be loved

Hey, guys, it’s your girl, GeeJay. I thought to give you a lil something for the Christmas, yunno, before it comes. I wrote it last year and I’m sharing because it’s not here and because I lovvvee you.

So, here it is.

Somewhere in Galilee, the garden besides Gethsemane, a surprise party awaits JJ aka Papa Emma.

He walks in fully aware, deciding to play along.

Philip sneaks up on him and pours him some water, lanterns previously covered with pitchers flash all around him, as the chorus of twenty begin to sing “Happy birthday”.

John-the-beloved brings in the cake shortly after, and invites Mary Magdalene to speak as cake decorator.

Jesus looks around the room, his eyes catch on his mother with teary eyes; somehow she knows his time is almost up.

His disciples are all present, happy, ecstatic. They dunno wharris going on.

He’ll miss these people, every one of them, including Judas the 419; Peter, the life of the party; John, his bff and silent Andrew.

He whispers to his Father “Should I tell them?” Who replies almost immediately “Not today, Son, not today. Enjoy this moment. And happy birthday, once again.”

With tears in his eyes, he goes round giving healing hugs and soothing words of appreciation as they smile back at him with love in their eyes.

This is Christmas: to love and be loved!

Merry Christmas, Fam.