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What is your father’s name?

My guy! December! I’m crying already. Jeez! What a month. The thought of it fills my heart with joy, every moment.

So, let’s play catch up. A lot has happened for me between then and now, and I plan to share. I’d have done this since but I’ve not had a moment to spare in between.

Maverick city’s Heaven’s secrets is currently streaming into my soul as I type, and I am in the beautiful city of Uyo. I got in a few days ago and then you know the drill, new place, new rules, new routines and all. Anyways, I’m having fun. No other option, fam, and you know I create my fun, yay? Lol.

I low-key miss my shop and all, but will I admit it? Nah. A few weeks ago, I told my friend (who’s probably reading this) that I want to go back to the days when I can sleep, wake, eat, blog, chat and sleep, trust me, it was a joke, but, here I am, getting what I wished for but wanting to go back. Inside life!

I guess this is another case of “Be careful what you wish for.” and another reminder that prayer is not only words uttered with clasped hands.

So, last week, this very last week, a dear client brought a dress and gist ensued. She was talking about this and that, until she got to the story of these kids who were abducted some years back and luckily were found, but…

They were asked for their parents names or any means of identification and they didn’t know. “What is your mother’s name?” “Mummy.” “Your daddy’s name?” “Daddy.” “Where do you live?” “Awa awss.” (Our house.)

Omo. Wahala dey like bicycle.

Which mummy/daddy will they be returned to now, fa? And that is how those children have remained MIA.

As they continued on to talk about grownish stuff, this scripture came to mind with renewed meaning; “The name of the Lord is a strong tower (a place), the righteous runs into it and is saved.” Proverbs 18:10. Emphasis, mine.

See how the “good Samaritans” who rescued the kids needed the name of their parents to find their location of safety? Yes, it’s the same way the name of the Lord is a location of safety for us.

Now the issue is with whoever, like those kids, doesn’t know the name of their parent—in this case, your father, God.

Before you say, “is it not Jesus? God?” or whatever else is in your head, lemme show you something.

Remember that day you did something terrible and felt you were unworthy of being God’s child? Yes, that day! That day you forgot that the name of the Lord, your father, is Merciful.

Remember the day you doubted if God could come through for you? That day you forgot that the name of the Lord, your father, is Almighty.

This will be a lengthy blog post if I continue, so I’ll end with this question: Do you know the name of your father, the Lord?

Wahala for who no know the name of the Lord, their father. Bhet, Emem ye ifure (peace and serenity) for the pesin wey know the name.




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