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Christmas: to love and be loved

Hey, guys, it’s your girl, GeeJay. I thought to give you a lil something for the Christmas, yunno, before it comes. I wrote it last year and I’m sharing because it’s not here and because I lovvvee you.

So, here it is.

Somewhere in Galilee, the garden besides Gethsemane, a surprise party awaits JJ aka Papa Emma.

He walks in fully aware, deciding to play along.

Philip sneaks up on him and pours him some water, lanterns previously covered with pitchers flash all around him, as the chorus of twenty begin to sing “Happy birthday”.

John-the-beloved brings in the cake shortly after, and invites Mary Magdalene to speak as cake decorator.

Jesus looks around the room, his eyes catch on his mother with teary eyes; somehow she knows his time is almost up.

His disciples are all present, happy, ecstatic. They dunno wharris going on.

He’ll miss these people, every one of them, including Judas the 419; Peter, the life of the party; John, his bff and silent Andrew.

He whispers to his Father “Should I tell them?” Who replies almost immediately “Not today, Son, not today. Enjoy this moment. And happy birthday, once again.”

With tears in his eyes, he goes round giving healing hugs and soothing words of appreciation as they smile back at him with love in their eyes.

This is Christmas: to love and be loved!

Merry Christmas, Fam.



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