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Essentials you probably forgot to shop for the new year

So, the third Saturday is here already!

I hope you are making the most of the year by crushing little-big-things daily.

Because the weekends are for shopping, I thought to share this list of essentials you’d probably forgotten to shop for at new year.

First on this list will be… Guess.

  • The toothbrush: Ideally used two times a day, the toothbrush should be changed every three months. Because of the load of oral bacteria it interacts with daily. Check out for more information on the toothbrush.

Other essentials are–

  • Towel: I know you like that towel eh, and that it has become a second skin, but, consider that it has served you faithfully and change it, please. Small towels are recommended as they are easier to maintain and discard (when necessary).
  • Bathing sponge: As most sponges are rarely sun-dried, they can become a comfy home for bacteria and can ultimately lead to skin infections. Whatever type of sponge you use, ensure to wring out water after use to ease/hasten drying.
  • Underwear: Have you ever considered that your favorite underwear may need a sister pair? Let me their voice, reminding you to get new underwear. It’s a great confidence boost. I can tell you because I have tried it several times, and it always works. Besides, something as intimately related to your body as that should be changed intermittently, don’t you think?

Sometimes the drag in change is because we don’t have these items readily available, so, how about you try stocking them already and set reminders—Google calendar is a great help here—to change them intermittently.

Did you find this read helpful? Drop me a comment, a like and if possible, share with a friend. I blog for you, always.

Your GJ. 💜


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