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Stereotypes and story lines.

Can we talk about something tonight? Something I find particularly interesting. Let’s not give it a name yet, because names can be limiting. I’ll attempt to define it by sharing an experience.

So, tonight, I saw the word Forensic on a page of my notebook—I’m writing from my reading table—and I got excited. I wanted to share on my status, then I remembered my senior colleagues would advice me to not be so sure of my specialty, because things change and that setting my eyes on Forensic Pathology as a specialty closes off my mind to other possibilities.
I also remembered that no matter how much I have tried to explain my open-mindedness with words, it’s never made headway. I have never convinced them that Community medicine is an option I am not in any way opposed to and is a perfect second fiddle, because, somehow, their minds have been conditioned to think like a one-way traffic. The thought that Forensic Pathology is a seemingly uncharted specialty and rather herculean makes it sound like if I fail at this, I fail at life and that the 80% probability is that I fail.

And then, I remember that it’s probably the same fear of perceived failure that I had the days I would say “Lemme not start this serious Christian thingy (consistent Bible study and prayers) because I know I will not be able to keep up. I will just be unserious. So why disappoint God?”

But on the contrary the narrative changes when I’m dealing with lust, anger, and other vices. It goes like, “You’ve started already why not just complete it?”

You see how I go from being scared to finish one thing to being enticed into completing the other?

Now, tonight is not for the “why”, but for the “what” … What can we do to change the narrative?

Simple, create new story patterns in your head, like I’m doing tonight. Story patterns that involve you completing the task ahead (in my case, me becoming a Forensic Pathologist). You completing the book you should read, you completing the Bible study, you being consistent daily in prayers. You being consistent with your workouts. You being a better human, you being everything you intend to be and more.

You have infinite possibilities.

Take your mind and begin creating new possibilities. Will it be easy? Well, don’t expect it to be a walk in the park. But is it worth it? I guarantee you with every drop of blood that it is.
Don’t be afraid to dream, and to dream big.

I write for you, always!

Emem ye ifure (peace and serenity)

Your GJ. 💜


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