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New name alert!

Yes oh! New name alert.

So, if you know me personally , you probably have a pet name from me, because, I have them in abundance. Lol.

And if we’re really close, you probably have four (and you know yourself, lol).

Yesterday, I found a new name for myself from scriptures.

So, my all-time favorite scriptures are those ones that talk about me belonging to God, God having me as a priceless possession and God calling me His own, or by His name.

One of my numerous names is Cocomma. It means “dear one”, but in literal translation it is “one called after the mother” (where coco is called after, and mma is mother).

Yesterday, as I meditated on my reading table and planned content for this week, the name came to me… CocoAbba.

It’s a name I love, it means one that is called after Abba.

I feel the names are becoming too many, but, trust me, this is an alter ego you will soooo love. Lol.

Adiaha is still the family name, but CocoAbba? Now, that’s the love name.

Do you have a special name that reminds you of God or your relationship with him? And do you like the sound of CocoAbba?

Drop a comment, please.


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7 thoughts on “New name alert!

  1. 😌😁😂😌

    I dunno how to pronounce it ooo, do vn and upload..🙂
    Makings according to seasons and times.. We’ll accumulate them too…

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