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Carpe diem!

And I went away… Again.

Talmabout making promises and breaking them. Lol. I do remember mentioning in my last blog post that I’d notify you if I intend to go away, well, I think that explains why you were not notified. I didn’t intend to go away. No … Not this time, and there’s never been a moment for the last two weeks you, ufan (friend) haven’t been in my mind.

So, here’s what happened: I got caught … in fixation.

This week Monday classes began for me. Knowing how classes can be, I was worried that I’ll not be able to blog consistently (even after affirming everyday that I will not live worried. Lol. Story of my life!)

I needed to work up a plan for consistency regardless, so I thought of batch creation, and frankly, I have batch created. However, I’m a spontaneous person, so, while I have several blog drafts which can be published by automation I stalled.

Lemme try to explain a lil more. So, what happened was, I was trying to envision how the new timetable would be like and make myself begin living like that, so that adjustments would not be hard. But, mehn, it doesn’t work like that. My head could not successfully understand why school has not begun yet, and I was bent on living like school has resumed. So, it just stopped working. Like, e jam.

I simply stopped creating, because I was frustrated over something that has not even happened!

Likeee! Omo. E be serious things.

Maybe you’re better than I am (I sincerely hope you are), and do not fall prey to negative fixation, I dobale (bow in respect). Keep at it, please.

Bhet, all my family pipu who are prone to fixation, I wrote for you and I, to remind you, that today is a gift from Abba, and you disrespect Abba by choosing to live today sour, angry, or depressed.

So, affirm these words I culled from Pastor Joel Osteen’s message on “Protect your peace”, to your soul:

This is the day the Lord has made,
I am going to rejoice and be glad.

I will not disrespect God by living sour, worried, angry or depressed.

I choose to live today joyful.

I will not let what people do or not do, say or do not say, think or do not think stop me from living joyful.

Go ahead to wow your world, superstar!

Carpe diem!

Carpe nocte!

Carpe victam!


We are alike in more ways than you know, it's why this blog exists. Every entry is my attempt to show you that your body has ability to heal from all forms of trauma and that the sound of your laughter and joy do not have to be visitors to you. Every entry is an attempt to remind you that peace and wholeness are attainable. I hope you find home here, and I hope, like me, that you fancy dodo, bread and brown pages. Subscribe already. ❤️

6 thoughts on “Carpe diem!

  1. As an over thinker that is very prone to inaction and procrastination, it’s the “protect your peace” for me.

    God bless you GJ.

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