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Poetry Thursday!

… Because it’s poetry Thursday, enjoy poetry from a dear friend, one of our finest poets at UCTH.

My Life.

But what is our lives worth if it is not lived for others…
That I might give myself to be burned
and show some more love to a sick world like ours.

That someone; a boy, a girl, a man, a woman, black, brown, or white,
may live better because I lived in their time.
That wine may flow on the tables of the wretched
and bread fill the bellies of the paupers.

That knowledge will be known and wisdom will commune
with the spirits of even the unborn
That my woman may know the essence of what God made man for;
and my children,
that they may never withhold from their own generation everything they have and by so doing soar on the wings of the morning to the peak of the mountains.

That I might preach the gospel, where necessary, using words.

That in grey I’ll grow and filled with just the required amount for the journey of eternity, my maker I’ll meet in the clouds.

And not regretting any moment of my life on earth.

©W. Frank.

Emem ye ifure, ufan.

From, your GJ. ✌️