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It’s weird for me… Writing at this time, but because if I do not, I may not for the entire day, so I had to. And, yay, the shoes! It’s the featured image for this entry. You like?

The story is told of two farmers who complained to the king that they needed more land to expand their farms and increase production, in tandem with demand.

The king asked his steward to assign each of them a large piece of uncleared land, he promised it would be theirs if they could each clear his allotment in 7 days.

The new parcel of land was 7 times the size of their previous farm land, and 7 days seemed unrealistic. So, the second farmer got to work almost immediately, but, by the third day, he was so tired he could barely walk; and the uncleared portion was still much. He then contracted a fee labourers to help him, albeit, they couldn’t meet the deadline, so he forfeited the new farmland.

The first farmer, however, had also started work on the first day. When he returned home exhausted, he decided to share the situation with his wife and seek advice. She referred him to another farmer in a big city, who spoke to him about tractors and even lent him his own. Thus, in three days he cleared the farm and still had enough energy to do other things.

Today is for introspection; taking out time to breathe. Pause. Think.

Are you exerting so much energy in the wrong direction?

Is there a smarter way to do what you want to? Have you found it?

Are you asking the right people the right questions? Are you even asking questions?

Do your decisions bring you to a place of peace?

I hope you have a purposeful week and a productive one too.

Emem ye ifure. 💜

I write for you always!

Your GJ. ✌️

Ps: I have an assessment tomorrow, say a word of prayer for me, will you? Thank you.