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Fiction Fridays.

Introducting… Flash fiction Fridays!

We’re making progress, fam. Almost everyday has a name. Today, I found this story and I thought to gift it to you.

It was written during the #sorosoke #endSARS period, in Nigeria, and tells it from the POV of a primary school kid. Enjoy.

One nation bound with freeeeeedom, peace and uuunityyyyyyyy.”


That was supposed to be the band boys’ call for the pledge, right?
So, why is everyone looking towards the far right of the assembly hall where the nursery kids lined up.
Why’s smoke rising? Why are they cry—, ru—, what’s going—

Boom. Boom.

My name is Temilade. I am in primary 4 alpha and this is my last recollection of what happened the day my school, in Benue, was raided.

My head is pounding, and I can’t feel my lower limbs… My eyes feel sewn shut; around me, I can hear groans and whimpers, I faintly perceive something in the choking smoke that smells like some hydrocarbon mixed with blood. Which? I don’t know.

Swallowing hard, shards pierce my throat and I cough violently forcing my eyes open.

Cc: Your GJ. ✌️