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The gratitude jar

Hello, my lovely! Today is World Tuberculosis day. Did you know? It’s the day set aside for Tb awareness and sensitisation worldwide.

However, I would rather tell you about something else; the gratitude jar.

I have this beautiful, see-through, obliquely shaped jar in my room called “the gratitude jar.” It contains pieces of paper, small notes—gratitude notes.

I first learned of gratitude notes from Veralyn Chinenye, who taught me how to write short notes expressing gratitude for things that happen in the day at the end of each day.

These notes serve as physical reminders on down days, that better days will come again.

In my life, I’ve found this jar to be quite helpful several times and so, I thought to share.

Whatever you are grateful for, you can share in your jar, via notes, clips, sketches, or whatever works for you.

You’d be surprised how good it is and how well it works.

So, let me know how you find it when you try it.

I’m rooting for your health.

Emem ye ifure. 💜

Cc:Your GJ. ✌️