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The spontaneity flaw

Heyyy! (We should have a code name by now, don’t you think?)

Recently, I’ve had a lil glitch in blogging; I know what to blog, still, how to get those words from my head to this space? That’s the problem.

Today, my dad and I had a conversation and he said something very striking; we were talking about people changing ideas and company in search of growth, moving on, and all when he said “Growth is the most uncomfortable thing that can happen to any man. Discomfort, right from time has been a telltale sign of growth, so, when a person feels too comfortable, they should be bothered—they’re not growing.”

I feel I’m at this place in my life when my spontaneity is bringing more harm than good to my life.

I have always known the WHATs, for my goals, but not the HOWs and WHENs. I mean, I know what I want to do, but, I like to be creative about the how and when, to go with the flow, see how things play out. Now, this is the spontaneity flaw.

This past week, more than ever, not knowing “how” and “when” has halved my productivity and made me sub par.

This new week, I’m deciding to stick to plans, I hope it works. Y’all that plan every deeet of your life, how d’you survive? Like!

I need tips, pleeeease. 😂

On a bolder note, I feel I am close to new growth beacon stones and maybe that’s why I feel so uncomfortable—like I have a mental itch I cannot scratch.

I’ll keep you posted on the journey, of course. I’m more concerned about you tonight, though.

Are you spontaneous too? If yes, do you occasionally have these glitches? If no, how are you able to stick to your plans? How do you plan sef? Talk to me abeg. E dey like e wan choke. 😂

Anywho, that it for tonight. Just thought to share that “Uncomfortable” is a positive growth sign. So, when you do feel bumps, embrace your discomfort, darling.

Emem ye ifure. 💜

Cc: Your GJ. ✌️

Ps: Any suggestions for the code name?