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The “goodness” Playlist.

Dear, ALian.

Today, I barely had enough time to stream sweet wholesomeness into my soul, but this morning, before stepping out for class, I did.

I woke to “Good and loved” by Travis Greene, then moved to a “Good, good, Father” cover, then “God is good” by Jonathan Mcreynolds.

And all through today, God’s goodness had actually gone ahead of me. In one of my classes, I was so unsettled, and God spoke to my heart; “Guy, calm down. I’m here.”

In the calm, I experienced His goodness. It was already present, but, I didn’t recognise it, but, when I did? It changed everything.

Do you have a Playlist to remind you of God’s goodness? Do you have a song?

Share them, abeg, so we can make a huge playlist.

Emem ye ifure. 💜

Cc:Your GJ. ✌️