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To trust or not…

Dear ALian,

I know today is not Tuesday, but, you need to hear this song.

It’s God of Midnight, by Maverick City ft Aaron Moses.

It’s just like You, to wait, till the midnight hour
When things seem as good as done
It’s just like You, to wait, till every options gone
And my faith is at an all time low
When the odds are stacked against me
And I’m at the end of the rope
My soul reminds my heart of what it knows…

That’s when You come through
Like You always do
Heart of mine be confident
Nothing is too hard for Him
I will be still and know, that You’re with me oh

You’re never too late.
You don’t run out of time.

Oh, I’ve made up my mind
I trust You, God.
I’ll look doubt in the face
And tell it to fall in line. (My favourite line)

Cause I’ve made up my mind,
I trust You, God.

I hope you find peace in the lyrics of this song.

Emem ye ifure. 💜

Cc: Your GJ. ✌️