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He will calm your fears.

On Zephaniah 3:17.

This morning, I found this scripture, (more like it found me, because it was screaming “read me”). I would think it’s because last night I went to bed with several concerns and the last thought on my mind was that Jesus is the Saviour, and I am not (I mean, I can barely save myself🤷🏽‍♀️), so I would rest in His arms.

Cut to this morning, the reality of dawn brought back those concerns and I know I was afraid, but I would not admit it to myself because it’s “christianese” to say that “God has not given me the Spirit of fear…”

So, He asked me “How many places do you find “I will deliver you from your fears” in the bible?”
I said “Several”, then He said “I wouldn’t promise to deliver you from fears if I didn’t think you’d have them. Fears are a human thing, and it’s okay to have them. What is not, is staying in fear. That’s why you confess scripture… Not to deny your current reality, but to create a new one.”

I thought to share, for anyone like me who’s afraid to say they are afraid. God promises to calm your fears. 🤍

Good night. 🤍

Ps: this is an exhausted me typing.