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Messy beautiful.

This afternoon, on my way home, as I walked into the street (same one in the photo) I felt a sense of unfamiliarity scratch at my subconscious’ “familiar”—you know the way you don’t think/necessarily look at the path before you step when you’re in your street? Yay, that “familiar”!

I felt something was off.

It was first in the air, it smelt of petrichor. Then, I stepped on supposed solid ground, and my shoe dipped.

Apparently, one of the house owners on the street is investing in a new source of income.

I offhandedly asked (in my head) “Why’s this street so messy?” and almost immediately, I heard “Because someone is building! It’s always messy around places where work is in progress.”

I also remembered that the theme for this CMDA year is “God’s building“, and I smiled.

Things may get messy before they get beautiful. 😊

Cc:GJ. First written: 17.06.21


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