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Dear, ALian.

I’ve been thinking… A lot… about the blog, what I blog about, related stuff.

I find a lot of things I share are sad. Or not? I don’t know. (Sometimes I really want to run away and fix my life first before coming back to earth.)

Tonight, I remember a time in my life when every night I would go to bed crying, for no apparent reason. It got me thinking, maybe I’m just a sad human, who chose to be happy, who chose to help other people find their “happy”, joy and peace.

I’m worried about a lot; school, family, my life, how it will all come together.

Contrary to popular opinion, I’m really not a super human, or something like that. And, I’m writing tonight to remind you, that I smile wide because I chose to, I laugh loud, because I chose to, I talk about peace, because I chose to. It may not always be my current reality, yet, I trust. I rest in hope, because I know God has a plan for my life.

I’m documenting this journey, because I will look back and be glad for these days. I know I will…

Every day last week I struggled to bring myself here to write. Today, I thought to myself, maybe I should stop writing, then I remember you’re here and this is as much my home as it is yours.

Oh, well. What am I saying?

I will be content in every circumstance. God is enough.

And if this is your rough, confused, sad, angry, bitter moment where you struggle with your humanity, then, be content too, in every circumstance.

God is enough.

That’s the affirmation for this week:

I will be content in every circumstance, because I know You are enough.

Emem ye ifure. 💜

Cc:Your GJ. ✌️