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Weekend gist.

Dear, ALian. 💜

My tired was so tired that I forgot to write to you yesterday. Forgive me.

I returned home today (as I do most weekends).

Monday saw the last of the series of first assessments, assessments wey we dey write since April 🤦.

(Ten seconds after greeting my mum on arrival)
Mum: You’ve not been eating well. See how lean you’ve become. Drop your bags, food will soon be ready.

Meanwhile, to my other colleagues? I’m as healthy as can be! A few were even shocked on Friday when I said I missed postings earlier in the week because I took ill. 😂

Sometimes, you can’t see the problem, because you’re asking the wrong persons, other times, it’s simply because your matrices are wrong. This week, I’ve been attending #smashconference, hosted by Joseph Joseph and it opened my mind to a new set of matrices. You can catch replays by following the link @josephjoseph.etim’s bio.

Ps: Whose mother is always “food-policing” them like mine? 😂

Pss: I have a testimony to share with you too oh!