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The cross and the switch blade.

Dear, ALian. 💜 I’m almost crying for joy. July is here!

This month of June, I did a book review on the Cross and the switch blade by David Wilkerson.
A true story of a man God used to win the MauMaus(a notorious Peurto Rican gang of the 1950s).

There’s everything to love in this book: the beginning of this journey, the fears, the dangers, the joys, the losses (yes, a few sad stories) and the gains.

My biggest catch in this book is how consistently every person is transformed by this process, including the preacher. And yes, I cried when I read this book—tears of pain and joy, of how God can love the “unloveable” and save the “irredeemable”.

This is a book to read, over and again.

The most beautiful part of this story for me is in discovering (via research) that every member of the MauMaus, including the ones that ended up in jail/ rejoined other cults, was saved. They all made a declaration for Jesus before their death because someone prayed and shared the Gospel.

D. Wilkerson was simply a man who moved with his doubts in his nap bag when God said to.

I’m sharing to remind you that you don’t have to have it all together to reach the lost.
Again, never underestimate the power of a bible story/testimony simply shared.

So, what book did you read this month?


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