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ALian letters.

Dear ALian,

This entire week, God has orchestrated several conversations to remind me that most of the things believers blame God for they could simply have taken responsibility for.

I’m sharing to remind us that the Holy spirit is to guide us, not live our lives.
(I know it’s weekend, but) Get to work, Fam.

The results will come when we partner with the Holy spirit, not when we do nothing.

Read, if you have to, get knowledge when necessary, pay for courses, spend time honing your skill, make wise financial investments, take intentional steps to improve your relationships.

Your light has come, it’s your responsibility to “Arise, Shine”.

Have a productive weekend.

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Our Father…

We’re really not that different, yunno.

(And you’re never really alone.)

Some one else is facing the exact same thing that you are at every moment.
Yet it’s so easy to get blindsided and caught in the moment and heat of emotions.

Here’s something I’ve been trying out for a couple of weeks:

You know that situation that gets you all worked up or wound tight? Yay. Whatever it is. Whenever you’re in that moment, pray for help for other people you may not know facing similar situations.

Sometimes it has been praying for people who are finding it difficult to focus on their books while preparing for assessments, at other times it’s been praying for people who are unnecessarily worried about nothing.

There’s a reason Jesus taught us to pray saying “Our Father…”

Emem ye ifure. 💜

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