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A lil heads up.


My happy is happy to write to you after the unannounced break. It’s been a while, and hey, take a hug, I’ve missed you.

So, first off, what’s been going on with me? I think this started after I missed a day on here and I knew my streak would not be unbroken anymore. So, I think I gave up. Dazzall.

Anywho, I’ve had school work ongoing too.

Guyyy, today I weighed myself oh. Hehehe. My weight shocked all my unit members.

I’m the lightest human in my unit. They probably think small wind wee prolly push me down. Lol.

Well, well. Nothing much to write to you tonight. I thought to check in with you. I penned this draft first week of this month. Oh, well. Look at us. A lot has happened. I hope to catch you up in time.

Goodbye for now. 💜

Emem ye ifure.

Your GJ. ✌️