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Peace and irresponsibility.

I have a friend who’s constantly criticized for being too careless. Wait a minute, careless is not the word, too irresponsible is. Everyone always complained about how he had this unserious approach to life. But even with their much talk, he remained indifferent.

Once I summoned courage to ask him, the reason for his behaviour. He looked at me for a while, and responded calmly, “Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” I’d read this scripture countless times, but I’d never made it a part of me. It was nothing more than a popular scripture, starched up somewhere in a book.

I’ve learnt through this friend, that the pathway to peace is total submission. This peace that transcends all human understanding, has the power to make one look irresponsible, but in truth, this person has come to a place of trust. Trust in God, and submission to His divine ordinances. When we try to fight Him, consciously and unconsciously, we give place to worry, doubt and fear.

I wish everyone was like my friend – calm, peaceful, full of life and health. “He who has ceased from work, has entered into His rest.”

Let us bear this in mind, as we round up the month, and as we look forward to another, seeking every opportunity to profess our love to Abba, by showing the world we trust Him.

We may look stupid, irresponsible, lazy and careless; but it obviously is the Christian way. Trusting God is the way of peace.

© Fabian

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