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Gratitude ☺️

Some people on this side of the world are thankful for so many things. For life, love, smiles that feel our faces. For peace and quiet, this joy our hearts embraces.

For lessons learned, for happiness and blessings earned. For friends and families, and for all those who made it to the end.

And also, for struggles, pain, stress, and all of the things that makes us better. For the sun, and the tireless rainfalls. For life, for health, for you, for me.

It’s a day not only to say thank you, but to stay thankful. For all the things our words won’t be enough to convey, and the things we would later remember to say. Our hearts would be forever grateful to Abba, for being our friend, our lover, our partner, our peace. For being a part of our community, and the force that brings us all together.

Happy new month in advance 💚💚

© Fabian

P.S. What are you grateful for?

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