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New Word Alert🧐🧐

Although, I’ve been writing for some time now, I just recently found out the word “serendipity”. It looks quite big, I even thought it meant something related to pity😊, but it’s meaning is quite fascinating. I first thought about it as luck, but then, after a careful look, I found out that it was way more than luck. It meant a “blessing in disguise.”

Oftentimes we are surrounded by lots of blessings that don’t originally look like blessings. Endurance, perseverance, patience; all these are necessary in our tool boxes, if we want to eat the wonderful fruit of unplanned blessings.

So much long talk😅. Before I forget, how are you Fam? Hope the month hasn’t been too, you know, I don’t even know what to call it 😁. Just keep thriving. The blessing is on the way 💙.

Till next time Fam😊.

© Fabian ✌️

One thought on “New Word Alert🧐🧐

  1. Well the month has been the way it is…😒
    But thanks be to God, we’re still thriving in fill force..
    How you dey too???



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