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Love at night🥰🥰

Being a Christian is not a fairytale. Oftentimes, we go through challenges and difficulties that tests our faith.

Someone once told me that, “The true test of obedience is when one is given the room to disobey.” We may go around, screaming how well we love the Lord, how we would never betray Him, and all those lovely stuff we say, but eventually when night falls and the storm is still strong, we tend to drift away to that which we love.

Love is a strong word. Though it’s only four letters, yet it has a lot hidden deep within it. Emotion isn’t love; love surpasses emotions by a very lengthy mark. When all our feelings and sensations are taken away, then we would know where our love and allegiance lie. This then is one of the reasons we go through different tests and trials.

Let us always bear in mind, that life’s a test. Just as Abba loves us, He desires we reciprocate it. He loved us when we weren’t His, and now that we are His. We also should love Him on sunny days and on silent nights.

P.S. He desires your love. Things may not be going on well at the moment, but He’ll love you to always say “I LOVE YOU ABBA”💞💞.


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