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Yayyy🤗🤗🤗. Today’s another day to express gratitude. Don’t ever forget: “Gratitude is a lifestyle”. Many times, we wait for the big things to happen to us, before we say thank You. It ought not to be so😔.

Our pursuit of these “big things”, always, and I repeat always blind our eyes to the smaller things around us.

We, as humans, are insatiable, and chasing after the great is always very common. But it is these small things of life, that build up the bigger things 😉.

A simple show of gratitude is what’s needed today. Extend and share this Love of God to everyone around. We just can’t tell where our big things would spring up from.

All great trees started with a seed. Spread that seed today.

I’m obsessed with gratitude ☺️. I hope you’ll be too.


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