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Can you relate?

Probably Wednesday/Thursday last week, not sure which day exactly (I do remember wearing a blouse tucked into a skirt though and that I didn’t take a photo of that outfit). As I descend the stairs to head to school there’s a song ringing in my head (there’s almost always one at every time of the day).

It’s @officialjudikay’s;
You do not lie,
You do not fail.
What is hard for you to do.
It doesn’t exist oh, it can never ever exist oh.

And of course I’m singing it to God.

Thirty seconds later, I’m at the gate, and in the split second my hand wraps around the handle to pull I hear “You know that is you, right?” “Me? How?” I ask incredulously as I pull the gate.

As I walk to school I allow my mind adjust to the truth that what is hard for me to do doesn’t exist, because I am mighty…through God.

And I thought to share to you to stretch the limits on your definition of “possibilities”. All things are possible and what is hard for you to do? It doesn’t exist.

I hope this letter is for you and that you find a home in the words above.

I love you so much. 🤍

Xoxo. Your GJ. ✌️

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We are alike in more ways than you know, it's why this blog exists. Every entry is my attempt to show you that your body has ability to heal from all forms of trauma and that the sound of your laughter and joy do not have to be visitors to you. Every entry is an attempt to remind you that peace and wholeness are attainable. I hope you find home here, and I hope, like me, that you fancy dodo, bread and brown pages. Subscribe already. ❤️

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