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Health up with Water. 🤗🤗

Dear ALian,

It’s an undebated fact, lots of people do not take in enough water daily. Too bad, they don’t know that staying hydrated is very crucial for their health and well-being.

About 60% of the body is made up of water, coupled with the fact that 71% of the planets surface is covered by water. (I know right😌😌, I’m smart😉😉.)

Here are quick facts about drinking water, that lots of people are ignorant about (not you guys though 😁😁) :

1) Universally, there’s no agreed quantity of water, a person must consume daily.
2) The kidneys need lots of water; and water is also essential for other bodily functions.
4) Adult humans are 60% water; their blood also contains 90% water as well.
5) Taking in water instead of soda, can help with weight loss. And,
6) The skin can become very vulnerable to skin disorders and wrinkling when dehydrated.

It’s your responsibility to stay healthy. Choose to be wise today, and drink enough water for your tomorrow 😌. Most times, staying healthy is common sense. Have sense today 🙃☺️.

©Fabian ✌️💪

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