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ALian affirmings

Dear, ALian. πŸ’œ

I know you’ve read it a number of times, but I thought to remind you of the bliss I get every time I write to you.

I just love you, I love that we have this getaway spot, I love that you come back here weekly. Thank you.

So this morning when I was creating an affirmation for you (the last one is so dear to my heart, it has been my wallpaper for 3 weeks and I’m not changing it anytime soon), guess what I wrote? Lol.

I’ll tell you. I wrote ‘Today, I’m tired. Still, I rise.’

That was to be our affirmation, because, omo! The tiredness I felt this morning was soul-deep. I kept praying “Jesus, help me.” Three hours of soaking music and intermittent tonguing later, I felt stronger.

So, I created another affirmation, the one I’m sharing with you now. I know it will serve you.

Whilst I could decide to share the other affirmation of how tired I felt, I decided not to… Because, feelings are not me. That I can decide what to believe about my life and guide/frame it with my words is super power I do not (want to) trivialise.

I choose to speak words of life, even when death threatens.

Today? I choose joy as with every other day.

Have a swell week. You deserve to, dear ALian. πŸ’œ

Emem ye nsonidem. (Peace and health).

– Your GJ.


We are alike in more ways than you know, it's why this blog exists. Every entry is my attempt to show you that your body has ability to heal from all forms of trauma and that the sound of your laughter and joy do not have to be visitors to you. Every entry is an attempt to remind you that peace and wholeness are attainable. I hope you find home here, and I hope, like me, that you fancy dodo, bread and brown pages. Subscribe already. ❀️

2 thoughts on “ALian affirmings

  1. Omo, the scrapped one still legit oo.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Your way with words are super descriptive, I so much admire and covet; “The tiredness I felt this morning was soul deep”- there was just no better way to put it, kai!

    Thank you dearest πŸ’œπŸ’œβœŒοΈ

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