Posted in Poetry

The Wish Poem

I wish I could sleep and not close my eyes, because
These sweet dreams come with flashes of nightmare.

I wish I’m not compelled to heed these nightmares, but
Thorns do stab before letting roses go.

I wish the stars in my nightmares would come to life, at least
They make my dreams happy, but life is that place where we
Don’t always get what we want.

I wish I could swim in the air and fly in water, but I’ve lived life too
Human to believe this wish would come true; perfidy to my ability.

Why do I feel that I cannot dance to this sweet lowly sound of my
Dreams? And that’s the issue with pride; it rides like a king.

So in this sovereignty over my life, I’ll live like life is a wish,
Living with care; at least, I’ve always killed fear in my wishes.


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