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February 😌

Dear ALian,

It’s February now, and we’re done with the many Mondays in January, that obviously seemed like forever. Many of us made resolutions for the year last month, and many of us haven’t performed up to par, funny right 😅.

The average person suffers from lack of consistency. Doing it over and over again, the right way, builds mastery. It’s as simple as that. But consistently doing a particular thing is not something borne out of many motivational speeches, but out of the desire to learn and grow.

We haven’t finished a 1 week Bible plan before, but we began the year with a ‘ complete bible plan for 3 months’, and the plan is staring us back in the face for lack of commitment. Some even made work- out commitments, or ‘ no soda’ commitments, and so many other kinds of commitment, and are not able to scale through. Mind you, we’re just less than 40 days in this new year.

But the good thing is that we are strong enough to start over. Resolutions don’t have to be made at every new year. Good thing is that we can make resolutions every day. We are stronger than our failures, and we have to dust ourselves up, and carry the failed parts of January, knowing God would help us put some commitments to heart. Mind you, starting out small works. A little here and a little there, and boom! The water is an ocean.

We obviously can still make 2022 work. It’s left to us. Let’s build consistency this February. I know it would be a worthy venture.

Till next time 😊,

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