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Your best days…

This ALian that I love! 💜

Everytime I write to you my excitement levels are at 120/100. You make my heart red.

Today is the International women’s day and I couldn’t be more grateful for the indispensable gift of women all over the world—those the world can see as “change makers” and those changing the lives that will change the world.

This is a beautiful place to reflect on how we can create safe spaces for the women in our lives, and most importantly, allow them bloom, give them space to morph.

These past weeks I’ve been mulling over the amazing ability we have in us to create every and anything and how gratitude fuels this creative energy.

I’ve practiced this for a couple of weeks, however I’ve also been in a fix on content to share with you as a lot has been happening. Yesterday I had an eureka moment.

Consequently, our affirmations are going to have a twist. We’ll begin to by gratitude create the life we desire—your best life.

So, I created a few affirmations. This year, more than anything, I am committed to only sharing what I’ve found to work for me. No clout chasing.

We’re using one-liners because they help us retain them in our consciousness and each week the affirmation will begin with ‘Today’, because the most powerful tool we can wield and harness is the present.

So then, my darling, here is your affirmation for the week:

As you say these words allow your mind stretch, turn, and create several stories that feature you having all you need.

The key here is to express gratitude for the life you’re creating in your head. This week will be exponential for you. I know it.

Meanwhile, have you listened to our podcast episode?

Here you go:

Share your thoughts there, will you? I have faith in you. 😊

Emem ye nsonidem (peace and good health).

© GJ. ✌️