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Hello, ALian. 💜

It’s our first July letter and it’s coming in 17 days after the 1st of the month for several reasons that you’ll permit me not to bore you with (actually, the original letter read 15 days because it was written two days ago).

I hope these 17 days have been good to you.

On the first day of this month, I thought to write to you about the idea of decluttering, but I have not been able to bring myself to do that in 16 days. I promised I would write you one letter every Sunday for the next 24 weeks (at least) and I very well intend to keep my promise so, here I am. Lol.

Every once in a while, I think it’s only natural to “clean house”, that is, to take out things that have finished serving their purpose from our houses and discard them. It’s always very emotional for me, yunno, and most times I spend a lot of the clean up tike reliving memories. If you know me, you’re probably aware that my memory of events are short-lived, so any memories I have are treasures.

Sometimes because of how dear the memories are it’s hard to let them go, even when they are broken mementos, very much useless in every way and occupying much needed space. It’s really not a thing of purpose, innit?

Until, we wake one day and realise that these stuff would actually appreciate it if you thrashed it and allowed the memories live rent-free in your heart.

Something else happens when I clean, I discover old stuff that I’d forgotten I had lying around and some I still have to discard because in their absence somehow I found substitutes.

After cleaning up physical spaces, I clean my digital space. This one takes longer. I go through my social media, my gallery, my music, my books, my documents, basically all my files, and I clear off trash. Might be good, but not useful.

I find that letting go of the trash makes me more productive and allows me to create new things. It makes my lungs come alive, allows them breath new air, opens my pores and releases my inner child. And this is what I hope you try in this new week—decluttering. I hope you create spaces that allow you fill in creativity. I hope you find the courage to let go of the things that are not serving you anymore in this season, emotions regardless.

Have peace and good health in your new week. 🤍