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Your heart will stain your white.

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in the heavens above, on the earth below, or in the waters beneath. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God…

Exodus 20:2‭-‬5 BSB

He took the gold from the people and used it to make an idol. Using a special tool, he shaped the gold into a statue of a calf. Then the people said, “Israel, here are your gods! These are the gods that brought you out of the land of Egypt!” The people woke up very early the next morning. They killed animals and offered them as burnt offerings and fellowship offerings. They sat down to eat and drink. Then they got up and had a wild party.

Exodus 32:4‭, ‬6 ERV

Dear, ALian. Before you cross the line, I must warn you that this entry is for gbas gbos. Amen? Alright, let’s begin.

I remember how upset I usually get when I read the history books of the bible, especially the chronicles of the Judges/Kings, because of how stubborn the Israelites seem. God is delivering them from 13 years of tribute to Moab in one chapter and as soon as that judge dies, in the very next chapter they’re being enslaved by Ammon with one underlying thread—idolatry.

I didn’t understand what was so enticing about idolatry until last week when God pulled radiography stunts in my prayer/meditation time and showed me how depraved my heart (in its unregenerated state) can be.


You see, there’s this thing about our hearts and its constant need to worship someone/something. The heart cannot know worship-vaccum.

You may think it’s of no concern to you because you don’t have a shrine in your house, you’re never going to have an opportunity to bow before an engraved image until Jesus shows you how you’ve been bowing down daily before Mammon.

Christian influencer! Oshey! Kingdom financier! Securing the bag is your priority because we must make kingdom wealth, and somehow you’ve let the reason you commune with God be the quest for biblical business strategies. Your business is built on Jesus, but is your life…?

See ehn, good intentions can land you in the gutter, trust me, I know.

Last week, Jesus was x-raying friendships in my life, innocent ones that I thought were a case of “I’m helping these people as a friend” o. 😂 Somehow, my mind wandered to the thought of “what if any of these people asks you for a relationship right now?”. No, that’s not the problem, dear, 😂. The problem was with my response, I actually considered it.
Are relationships bad? God forbid. However, I received explicit instructions on what to focus on this year and I’ve seen tremendous help and growth in my life since I started channeling focus in that direction.
You see, I know what God will have me do right now, but somehow, my heart was beginning to move in the wrong direction, with good intentions!

God took it a notch further and was probing “Why are you going to say no?” and again, I shocked myself. My primary reason was not because I heard God’s voice to not do it, it was something I cannot remember but I know it towed the line of selfishness and pride. I didn’t think it was that, until God showed me.

See, you’d think you have standards until Jesus shows you how your righteousness is rooted in pride.

Why do you think we’re all found in Him, having no righteousness of our own?

You think you know your heart. Lol. I laugh in swahili. Alaye, calm down. God said to remind you, that your heart, and my heart are desperately wicked! Yes!

You think you know your heart and that your intentions are the best until Jesus shows you what your heart is capable of and what your heart is actually leading you into whilst you follow blindly… See ehn, rest and let Jesus help your heart.

Why do you think he asks you to trust in the Lord…and lean not on your own understanding? Because your heart will stain your white, in plain terms.

You think you’re fully surrendered to Jesus until the issue of family integrity happens. You suddenly have something to defend. You who said you’ll give all for Jesus will not know that your heart is capable of nursing bitterness against the terrorists in Nigeria until you’re asked to witness to them after you see them murder fellow Christians.

The heart? It’s deceitful.

You’ll not know you can be like Judas until you find yourself asking “is there any sin God cannot forgive” when your work presents a juicy offer of compromise.

You’d think that the reason you want to “stay in Nigeria” is because you want to do the will of God by not abandoning your fatherland, until Jesus shows you that you’re actually afraid of failing and you prefer the security your country provides. Or maybe he shows you how your plans to succeed in Nigeria revolve around your wit and intellect. You have plans, big plans, that you have drafted Jesus into. You think they are his plans, because you have the mind of Christ, right? But, you will know your heart deceived you when three years later, you come back to God and say “which way?” and he whispers “I didn’t send you to do this one, but I will help you correct it.”

You think you’re marrying early so you can have time to raise kids that love Jesus. Lol. Stop lying to yourself, dear. Can’t you smell the selfishness and pride in this accomplishment 500 meters away?

If it will be done and it will glorify Jesus he has to be the one to show you How.

Beyond asking what he will have you do, beloved, learn to ask HOW. For the arm of flesh will fail… Always.

By strength shall no man (including you and me) prevail.

If you build his tabernacle according to your pattern you will have to Re-pent (rebuild).

God has impressed amazing things on your heart, that’s beautiful. Yet, it’s incomplete. Tarry… Wait till he tells you how. Wait till he tells you when.

Do not be like uncouth Moses who would deliver Israel but thought it would be by fighting the Egyptians. God’s ways are the best match for his will.

Discard the idols, or as John the beloved would say, “little children, keep yourself from idols.”

And don’t fall into the trap of trying to rid yourself of idols by yourself. You’ll entangle yourself in webs of pride.

Only Jesus can help your heart… Only Jesus.

GJ. ✌️



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8 thoughts on “Idols

  1. “And don’t fall into the trap of trying to rid yourself of idols by yourself. You’ll entangle yourself in webs of pride.”
    That’s the highlight for amongst so many truths you’ve pointed out..
    I am/we are the helped of God always…
    Thank you Gee 💜


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  2. This post is an ‘echo’ of one of the greatest lessons I learnt from the just concluded CMDA joint National Conference.
    ‘Vision can come only once but direction needs to be a constant, at the moment thing. If Abraham was not listening to God, he would have killed Isaac. He had a vision right? So yeah, your heart fit stain your white 😂. Let’s allow God help us keep the heart pure

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