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That Friend Called Pain

We should sue pain for breaking and entering

for coming in unannounced, without using the doorbell;
without taking off his shoes at the door, or bringing wine and
flowers at his visits;
for letting him tell me everything I was scared to hear, for
bringing up past memories and future cares;
for telling me how I caused my Father’s death, and how I
couldn’t even help my mom;
for giving me bills unending, and medical reports no one
wanted to read;
for closing the wine bottle and carrying its glasses away,
so I could stand before his majesty and look him in the face;
for exercising omnipotent rights, and for telling me how no one
could stop him from coming in;
for a billion things, two billion if the judge won’t mind

We should sue pain for breaking and entering

for letting our hearts knit, and for watching me fall in love with him;
for the chocolates, and jewelries, and all things too shiny;
for the cake at the bake shop, music at the open mic, dinner on roof tops,
and love in Paris;
for perfuming the beddings with verbena, and expensive lavenders shipped
from the Mediterranean;
for adorning the bedside with endless lilies, and cassia too numerous
to count;
for uncovering me at first chance, and luring me into a closed spiral;
for breathing upon my neck, those promises and endless tales, and for
holding me down till the morn;
for leaving me uncovered and breathlessly ashamed;
for leaving unannounced just as he came

Fabian Godwin O.


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