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The Carpenter’s Tool Box

Holla, ALian. 💜 I hope you had a productive week. I have testimonies I’ll share in the next entry. As the week winds to a close we have a gift for you. A story to guide your introspection. Fabian wrote a beautiful story. Enjoy.

The village carpenter took an hammer and skillfully sent a piece of nail into a furniture. He made chairs, and tables, and cupboards, furnitures of all kinds for the locals of the community.

One day, he received a contract to work on a very hard piece of timber. He was very glad to do this job. So, he called for a meeting among all his work tools, to pass on directives as to who and who did this particular job, seeing it wasn’t an everyday kind of work.

Fast-forward to the meeting’s end, the heavy duty mattock was chosen to take the hammers place. The hammer was so sad that he was replaced by a ‘not-so used’ mattock, and vouched not to work again. He felt inferior, and his pride got the better of him.

The hammer’s unbecoming was related to the carpenter; he was so displeased with the hammer, that he rebuked him for his pride. ” Everyone has his place. Everyone has his calling and timing. You can’t be everyone, you can’t do everything. Stick to your role ” the carpenter said.

On the morrow, the proud hammer was replaced with one who knew his place. One who had humility and contentment in his master dwelling richly in him. One who sought his master’s glory, just as he wanted it.


– Fabian ✌️

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The proud rose

Dear ALian, it’s the middle of the week already. How’s your week going? How is your health?

I’m sharing a peculiar fable tonight. I’d be delighted to read the lessons you glean from it.

Once upon a time, in a desert far away, there was a rose who was so proud of her beautiful looks. Her only complaint was growing next to an ugly cactus.

Every day, the beautiful rose would insult and mock the cactus on his looks, all while the cactus remained quiet. All the other plants nearby tried to make the rose see sense, but she was too swayed by her own looks.

One scorching summer, the desert became dry, and there was no water left for the plants. The rose quickly began to wilt. Her beautiful petals dried up, losing their lush color.

Looking to the cactus, she saw a sparrow dip his beak into the cactus to drink some water. Though ashamed, the rose asked the cactus if she could have some water. The kind cactus readily agreed, helping them both through the tough summer, as friends.

Emem ye nsonidem (peace and good health). 💜